Organic Kyoto: Your guide to healthy conscious living in Kyoto

Reduce, reuse, repair, recycle, respect, rejoice.

Organic Kyoto’s mission is to facilitate harmonious community networking; foreigners seeking healthy, safe services and products can connect with Kyoto-based individuals, businesses and organisations who help improve general lifestyle wellbeing.

Organic Kyoto staff have noticed a growing awareness of the importance of “natural foods” (organic, non-GMO, chemical-and-pesticide-free foods), as well as an increase in consciousness related to nutrition, Fair Trade products, yoga, bodywork and healing therapies.

There are a multitude of power spots here: spiritual, religious, and energetic centres that increase overall wellbeing, inspiring artists and performers to create new works.

Japan has an abundance of natural resources and can produce good quality food, material, household goods and daily lifestyle necessities, even though Japan’s per capita land mass ratio is a challenging factor.

Despite pollution from nuclear and other industries, in many places the water runs clean and fresh; at certain locations it can be collected free for drinking without the need to filter.

Charcoal is often used to remove impurities in tap water and for space purification. In fact, water and ink are the main ingredients in sumi, which aided the early development of the writing system, art and culture of Japan.

“Organic” implies non-genetically-modified food grown without chemicals; food and lifestyle goods produced with earth-friendly materials in a sustainable way.

“Organic” relates to bodily organs, and therefore health and wellbeing.

“Organ” is also the name of a beautiful piped musical instrument developed in Europe to accompany songs of praise.

“Organic” describes a relationship between elements that affect one another, where there is acknowledgement of the full flow and cycle of life.

Each as part of the one whole.

Alice Miyagawa, the creator of Organic Kyoto, offers services including translation, voicework, teaching and guidance which can be accessed through http://organickyoto.com/alice-miyagawa.

Contact info(at)organickyoto.com to find out how your business can be part of the Organic Kyoto community.