Organic Kyoto: Your guide to healthy conscious living in Kyoto

Organic Kyoto is a community-networking service for both locals and foreigners.

Our website introduces various aspects of Kyoto and the surrounding area. It provides information in English for people who can’t read Japanese: foreigners who live, work, and study in Kyoto, as well as travellers and tourists who are visiting for a short time. It is also used by Japanese people who read English. It opens doors more easily for Kyoto individuals and businesses to welcome like-minded souls. Of course some places, like natural food supermarkets, do not necessarily have fluent English-speaking staff, but by using this site, you can find some great places to shop. You can trust Organic Kyoto’s recommendations.

The food businesses recommended do their best to provide mostly organic ingredients, serving macrobiotic, vegetarian, vegan food and/or supplies, and offer a conscious earth-friendly ethic. Smoke-free, fairtrade, handmade, superfoods, raw foods, free-range meats and poultry, ancient grains, Kyoto-grown vegetables, chemical-free, pesticide-free, ecological, sustainable.  As much as possible, we focus on produce that is packaged, transported and prepared in a way that honours the earth and respects the consumer. Very few of the food businesses listed here claim to provide 100% organic produce, but they have all been selected because they are striving to do their best.  The restaurants and shops are mostly places which substitute single-use chopsticks and disposable/plastic-wrapped hand-towels with “the real thing” and prefer you to bring your own shopping bag.

Recycle, remake and reuse. People are included who create and produce by hand when possible, who follow the “think global, act local” ethos and use produce and services that don’t require excessive processing or transport. Many of the spaces selected were created using earth-friendly materials and decor, like traditional Kyoto townhouses filled with handmade art.

Wellbeing: Organic Kyoto also introduces English-speaking health practitioners / fitness instructors, and recommends events spaces, community network centres, music, dance, healing and art. Physical fitness teachers, healers, practitioners and workshop facilitators featured on Organic Kyoto have been carefully selected because they can provide quality service to customers who don’t necessarily speak much Japanese.

Smoke-free environments: Unless well-defined parameters exist, shops which do not ban smoking inside their premises are not included on this website. Some cafes and restaurants have smoking areas at the front or rear of their premises to accommodate everyone.

For quick reference, just click PRINT and download the full listing as a take-everywhere guide.

We hope you’ll enjoy connecting with the wonders of Organic Kyoto.