Michael Lambe, a Kyoto-resident since 2004, has created an amazingly comprehensive blog and networking platform in English about this diverse jewel of a city.

“Deep Kyoto was created in June 2007 as a website for Kyoto residents and tourists, introducing those good places and people that make up the modern city. The primary focus of the blog was originally on cafes, bars and restaurants of character. Food and drink, with a focus on vegetarian and organic fare, still remains a major emphasis. However, over time Deep Kyoto has grown and evolved and now you will find articles in all of the following categories: art, crafts & photography; music, dance & performance, city design & conservation; book reviews, poetry & protest; flea markets, festivals, shrines & temples; museums, parks & gardens; walks & meditations and more!”

In May 2014, the book Deep Kyoto: Walks was released, featuring the favorite meditative strolls of some of Kyoto’s long-term foreign residents and a couple of Japanese star writers too.


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