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June 11, 2020
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Calm Your Baby's Daiper Rash The Natural Way

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Diaper rash is caused by moist skin and diaper friction, and most babies at some point will get it. A few preventative actions you can take are to change your baby frequently, use cloth diapers and/or put the diapers on a little looser so babys skin can breathe. If you baby already has diaper rash though, there are a few things you can do to relieve the pain and discomfort for your baby while it heals: Let them be freeThe best way to cure a sore baby bottom is to let baby run around with no diaper at all. This lets the air get to the affected area and helps to clear it up. Not to mention baby will love it!But, unfortunately, your baby cant always be running around with no clothes so for those times when a diaper is required, try some of these all natural remedies.Soft cloth and Warm WaterCommercial diaper wipes have perfumes, alcohol and lots of stuff thats hard to pronounce, which isnt good for babys delicate skin. Using these products can make even a mild case of diaper rash worse. Warm water and a soft washcloth followed by a gentle pat dry works just as well. For extra messy changes you can use a mild soap as needed. CornstarchPlain old cornstarch found in the baking isle at the grocery store works great for keeping babys bottom dry. After cleaning, sprinkle a little cornstarch all over babys bottom, then put on clean diaper. This will help reduce the diaper rash and keep babys bum dry. You can buy a powder sifter bottle or use an empty baby powder container and fill with cornstarch to easily apply when you need it.Aloe VeraHaving an Aloe Vera plant around the house can be useful for many things, including diaper rash relief. Aloe Vera soothes babys skin almost immediately, taking away the pain. Plus, its naturally antibacterial, hydrates the skin and reduces inflammation. The best way to use Aloe Vera is to get the gel straight from the plant. To do this pick a large leaf and cut it off as close to the stem as you can get without damaging the other leaves. Then cut the leaf in half exposing the gel inside. Grab a spoon and scrape the gel from the outer skin into a shallow container. You can now use your fingers to apply the gel to babys bottom area. The gel is somewhat sticky and about the consistency of egg whites so it can be somewhat difficult to handle.You can find Aloe Vera gels or lotions but these items also contain other ingredients that might irritate babys delicate skin. Your best bet is to get your own plant.Diaper rash is a painful experience, not only for baby but for moms and dads, too. Using these gentle, natural solutions, you can help keep baby dry and happy, while avoiding unnecessary chemicals.


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