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November 17, 2020
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Patio Furniture in All Seasons

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With winter here, there are a lot of threats from the weather both inside and outside of your house. Outside, you're possibly looking at your garden and wondering just how much damage is going to be done to all of the beautiful things you'd been growing. Well, when considering the damage that's going to be done to your plants should also take a look at the garden chairs that you have in place and consider what kind of damage may be happening to them. In this article we're going to look at how to protect not just your garden but also your garden furniture from winter weather.

There are a couple of things you know you're going to get when winter comes around. First is cold dry weather. Second is some sort of precipitation, be it freezing rain, sleet or snow. You also know you're going to hear some of those howling winter winds. Each of these winter elements can have a negative impact on both your plants and your garden furniture.

Cold Dry Weather

The first problem is the one you probably do the most for - preparing for the cold temperatures and dry air. When it comes to your plants, you're mainly thinking about the cold temperatures. If you spend too much time at freezing or below, many of your plants may have a tough time surviving. But when it comes to your garden furniture, it's the dry part of this cold weather that can be more damaging. This is especially the case with wood furniture.

Just as the dryness of winter air can make your skin crack and dry out, it can do the same thing to your wood garden chairs. After all, garden furniture made of wood was once a living organism. It still has oils within it that are what keeps it looking good. But winter weather can dry that all out.


The snow or freezing rain precipitation in winter can be much more damaging than the rest of the year. The reason for this is that the precipitation in its liquid form will get into any cracks and crevices in your furniture. Then, when the temperature gets cold enough, it will freeze again. This process of freezing is an expansion process. And whatever crack or crevice the water has seeped into will now try to expand with it. In some cases this can cause splitting and cracking in the wood.

Winter Wind

Everyone knows how the wind can howl in the winter. Well the howling wind is doing more than just making noise. As the wind blows, it takes dirt, dust and debris with it. That can then be blown full force into your pieces of outdoor furniture. Over time, this can start to break and chip away at the finishes on your furniture.

While most people just think about damage that can be done to their plants during winter, there are a lot of threats to your garden chairs and other garden furniture as well. This is why it's important that you try to protect your garden furniture by covering it or bringing it inside.


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