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A gardener's inspiration and motivation for gardening can vary, but most of the time, gardening is a hobby done either as a recreational form of natural art, or as an experiment in self-sufficiency. And with so many plant varieties available ranging from flowers to vegetables, it would be quite rare to find two identical gardens.

26 Mar 20

Weaning is a problematic time for pigs, especially in intensive production. Piglets commonly become susceptible to bacterial infections including weaning diarrhea, which restrict their growth rate; and often lead to piglet losses of 10% or more.

31 Mar 20

Aromatherapy is commonly associated with alternative healing techniques. It is the process of using natural oils as a means to alter a person's mood or health. There are three main branches of aromatherapy. The first is home aromatherapy, which is self-treatment with aromatherapy products. The second is clinical aromatherapy.

08 May 20

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22 Oct 20
Agricultural specialists and home gardeners alike often debate the benefits of organic versus chemical fertilizers. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each type, but it is necessary to understand the differences between them before wading into the argument.
17 Nov 20
With winter here, there are a lot of threats from the weather both inside and outside of your house. Outside, you're possibly looking at your garden and wondering just how much damage is going to be done to all of the beautiful things you'd been growing.
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04 Nov 20
The physical benefits of a child playing with outdoor toys are evident in children who enjoy playing outside. It is a not secret that obesity, along with other health issues, is a growing problem in children and is part due to lack of time kids spend outdoors. Being overweight increases the possibility of many different health conditions.
28 Nov 20
Roses have long been a favorite amongst gardeners, and the rose continues to enjoy great popularity today. In addition to their beauty as cut flowers and in bouquets, roses are among the most useful and attractive flowers to grace the landscape of any home. As a matter of fact, the exterior of any home can be made more graceful and more inviting through the use of wonderful landscape roses.
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